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What’s it all about?
Things need to change! We must not just rely on the old style of leadership if we are to overcome this global
crisis. Leaders need to act differently; think differently; think innovatively and lead their teams to enhanced
An effective leader recognises the importance of embracing differences in people and knows how to connect the
dots amongst those differences to get the best outcomes from the team. This is what cultivates a workplace
environment of continuous improvements, innovation and initiative. Leaders must foster a commitment from the
team to embrace an innovation mindset where each employee learns to apply the differences that exist in one
another for their own success and that of the organization.
GTC are delighted to offer you the opportunity to Join us on this very dynamic and exciting three-hour live virtual
Booster session which is being delivered by a former special forces British officer; who is a recognised international
master trainer and a subject matter expert in high performance leadership and team building.
This three-hour Booster session is part of the acclaimed GTC Leadership, Critical Thinking and Innovation five-day
course which has been recognised by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and mapped to their Professional
Standards. During this dynamic and fully interactive Booster session, you will be given the opportunity to Discuss :
Debate : Decide on a specific assignment based on dealing with Covid-19.

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