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AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials


DURATION:  3-Day/1 Week/ 2 Weeks


  • ✓ Modern facilities
  • ✓ Course materials and certificate
  • ✓ Accredited international trainers
$ 3,690.00
$ 3,690.00

Course Overview

The fundamental-level full-day course is intended for individuals who seek an overall understanding of the AWS Cloud, independent of specific technical roles. It provides a detailed overview of cloud concepts, AWS services, security, architecture, pricing, and support. It includes lab exercises reinforcing some of the core concepts of the lecture. This course also helps you prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.

Course Delivery

This course is available in the following formats:

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Course Outcomes

Delegates will gain knowledge and skills to:

  • Define what the cloud is and how it works
  • Differentiate between cloud computing and deployment models
  • Describe the AWS Cloud value proposition. Describe the basic global infrastructure of the cloud
  • Compare the different methods of interacting with AWS
  • Describe and differentiate between AWS service domains
  • Given a scenario, identify an appropriate solution using AWS Cloud services
  • Describe the Well-Architected Framework
  • Explain the Shared Responsibility mode
  • Describe security services with the AWS cloud
  • Define the billing, account management, and pricing models for the AWS platform
  • Identify future services and developments built on the cloud
Key Course Highlights

At the end of this course you’ll understand:

This course will highlight the topics such as – Differentiating between cloud computing and deployment models, interacting with AWS, identifying an appropriate solution using AWS Cloud services


Who Should Attend

This course is intended for- Anyone interested in learning the basics of the AWS cloud will benefit from this course.


Upcoming Course Dates

Delivery Format: Classroom

Date: 11/3/2024       

Location: London

$ 3,690.00

Delivery Format: Classroom

Date: 3/6/2024     

Location: Dubai

$ 3,690.00

Delivery Format: Classroom

Date: 19/8/2024       

Location: Houston

$ 3,690.00

Delivery Format: Classroom

Date: 11/11/2024       

Location: London

$ 3,690.00

AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials

  • ✓ Modern facilities
  • ✓ Course materials and certificate
  • ✓ Accredited international trainers
  • ✓ Training materials and workbook
  • ✓ Access to online resources

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