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Crisis, Reputation and Issues Management

CODE: MP02 DURATION: 1 Week/ 2Weeks


  • ✓ Modern facilities
  • ✓ Course materials and certificate
  • ✓ Accredited international trainers
$ 4,950.00
$ 4,950.00

Course Overview

This course enables your crisis teams to competently prepare a plan of action before a crisis happens. It gives the perfect roadmap to manage VIP stakeholders so that the company can speedily and effectively maintain or restore reputation and business continuity. In a global social media and news environment, caution is necessary to avoid becoming a negative case study.

Course Delivery

This course is available in the following formats:

Blended Live


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Course Outcomes

Delegates will gain knowledge and skills to:

• Identify those factors and issues that have the potential to become a crises

• Build strong relationships with stakeholders and media before a crisis happens

• Control immediate reaction to crisis

• Integrate communications and management tasks during the crisis

• Plan and manage communications during and after a crisis

• Understand the Golden Rules of Reputation

Key Course Highlights

At the end of this course you’ll understand:

            • ✓ Interrogate real crisis and reputation case studies: worst and the best practise examples

            • ✓ Understand the exact way to prepare teams ahead of an unknown crisis

            • ✓ Learn to restore good order as fast as possible

            • ✓ What to say and how to say it for a global audience

            • ✓ Explore new discoveries for communication during and after a crisis

          • ✓ Practice exactly how to evaluate corporate teams after a crisis
Who Should Attend

Anyone and everyone in the company team who handles communications that may become high risk must be on this course. The course is flexible in length depending on the delegate profile. It can be adapted for foundational, intermediate or senior professionals. If a specific sector focus is required, the trainer will adjust the content and case studies to suit the sector. This course is able to be adjusted for 1to1 sessions or taught on site to PR departments during their working day.

Upcoming Course Dates

Delivery Format: Classroom

Date: 24/07/23

Location: London

$ 5,950.00

Delivery Format: Blended Live

Date: 24/07/23

Location: London

$ 5,950.00

Crisis, Reputation and Issues Management

  • ✓ Modern facilities
  • ✓ Course materials and certificate
  • ✓ Accredited international trainers
  • ✓ Training materials and workbook
  • ✓ Access to online resources

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